Friday, 27 May 2011

Crossing over to the world of Blogger!

At long last, I decided to transfer my blog over from my website to Blogger. This way, other people can actually comment on my posts and I won't feel as though I am just talking into the abyss! I felt like a bit of an idiot when I realised that all my previous knowledge of html had almost completely disappeared, and it took me three hours to do what I used to do in about five minutes.

Can you believe that the only reason I'm actually writing this post is because I couldn't work out how to delete my 'test' post, so I'm editing it instead!


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

25th May 2011 (imported from old blog)

Gosh, I'm so tired! I had to get up TWELVE times last night, as Isaac seemed to have gotten it into his head that it was party time, and all his dancing kept leaving him without covers and wedged sideways across his cot. He usually sleeps through without any problems, so my poor brain has been used to (finally) getting a reasonable amount of sleep.

I've been attempting to build up a bit of stock this week, rather than only having one or two of each sign at a time and more-or-less making to order. Then, hopefully, I will have more time to work on some pretty new products, and will be in a better position to approach some little Christian bookshops in the local area to see if they'd like to add some of my signs to their gift departments.

As for now, I think I need to give in to the tiredness and take a nap!


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

17th May 2011 (imported from old blog)

I can't believe how quickly the weeks are flying past....little Isaac is eight months old already! I don't want to be one of those people who rabbit on and on about how wonderful motherhood is, but I'm just permanently in shock at how this amazing person has developed right before my eyes.

The dreaded day has arrived where I have to actually start thinking about properly babyproofing everything! Alas, Isaac has suddenly gotten very good at crawling (albeit backwards) towards all the candles, flowers and other things that used to live on the hearth. I now understand why a lovely couple I was talking to at church said: "Shelves! SHELVES! You'll be wanting shelves up everywhere!"

I'm so excited about what the future has in store for us. I feel like I've been saved from all these plans I made years and years ago that I've been clinging onto for dear life in order to be 'successful'. It took Isaac coming along to make me step back and recognise that these were MY plans...plans I never consulted God about. I know it's early days, but right now, things are far more fulfilling than I could ever have imagined.


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

10th May 2011 (imported from old blog)

The final two designs (that I have been taking ages to get finished) are finally ready to buy from my Folksy Store. They seem to be going down rather well at church, and I am hoping this is because people genuinely like them (as opposed to just buying them out of loyalty!). Now I can focus on trying to get them seen in all the right places...which will probably be more difficult than I first predicted...seeing as they're not something that people seem to be actively searching for on the internet. Books and CD's appear to be doing alright, whereas there isn't much of a market for Christian gifty-type things. In related news: I was quite excited to find out that Manchester's Wesley Owens has been replaced by another Christian bookshop called Living Oasis, as I had spent much of the last year moaning about its disappearance.

So, anyway, I'm also working on a wedding-related sign, and another child-related one, before I start thinking about non-sign-related things. As usual, I must thank you for reading, and ask you to watch this space.


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

3rd May 2011 (imported from old blog)

I used the 'About Us' page to briefly refer to future projects that the Bread & Fishy Co. hope to embark upon, and it is becoming clear to me that these are significantly more complex than making hanging Bible verse signs (not that I don't think these have their place in the overall picture). It is with slightly mixed feelings that I must report the return of a certain spoon named Bob - a character born many years ago during a week at Spring Harvest in Skegness.

Although created as a bit of a joke, he featured his way through various stories and cartoons that circled the internet, until I considered using him for something a bit more important. However, due to lack of time and motivation, his very first proper illustrated children's book - complete with Christian message - was left uncompleted. I am now older, and feeling more capable of achieving what I originally set out to do; which is to bring something different to both the Sunday school and children's home Bible study market. I'm not going to go into too much detail, but it will definitely involve a collaboration with individuals who are experienced teachers in both schools and churches. Thankfully, God has put me in a place where I have these connections all around me, and therefore the ability to actually make it happen. I'm pretty excited, but it's going to take an awful lot of time and hard work to get to the point of considering publication. So, in the meantime, please enjoy the hanging signs and other gifty-things that I'll be making, and keep the Bread & Fishy Co's long term projects in your prayers.

Lots of love xxx

Thursday, 28 April 2011

28th April 2011 (imported from old blog)

There are now six signs available to buy from my Folksy shop (finally!). One of these - the 'Fruit' sign - probably won't be continued any further as I was never really happy with how it looked. The two remaining signs will be up shortly, as they just need a few finishing touches, and another completely new one is also on the way. I still haven't officially launched or anything. I'm actually feeling very nervous about people seeing this website while it isn't entirely complete...

Isaac managed to pose with a happy face for long enough to take a decent picture for the 'Created' (Blue) product listing. Two seconds later he had an expression similar to that of pure horror, and proceeded to try and throw himself over the back of the chair!

Much love xx

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

13th April 2011 (imported from old blog)

Six of the eight designs are now completed, with the emulsion transfer process having proven to work surprisingly well. I've accumulated quite a pile of botched-up plaques from trying to get the technique right, but it certainly beats having to scrap the fifty million that would have inevitably gone wrong if I had done them by hand!

At the moment I think my favourites are the neutral version of 'Created' (pictured left), and 'Fishers' - which was finished quite a while before the others. As usual I completely underestimated how much time it would take to get things done when you can only grab fifteen minutes here and there. Still, I know I am blessed with a relatively happy and easy-going baby so I can't complain!

I am looking at things being up and running within the next fortnight, once the remaining two designs are finished and I have borrowed Daniel and his camera for a photoshoot. To anyone who visits this site in the meantime, I do apologise for its state of under-construction-ness.