Tuesday, 22 March 2011

22nd March 2011 (imported from old blog)

I am currently spending every spare minute (between changing nappies and watching my 6 month old son decorate the kitchen with baby puree) painting all the wooden shapes that will make up the first batch of signs. It's been amazing to feel a sense of productivity, however small!

My lovely partner Daniel has very kindly been helping me out with making holes, as I am too much of a wuss to use the drill myself. I don't usually hesitate to do 'boy stuff' like playing with tools, but for some reason I just have nightmares of drills suddenly jumping out of your hand and attacking your arms, legs, and all your furniture! Or at least ruining whatever you were trying to drill in the first place.

So yes, everything appears to be coming along nicely. Some things have come out better than I had hoped, and others not quite as well, but hopefully the end result will be something I am proud to stick up on here in the land of the internets.


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