Sunday, 27 March 2011

27th March 2011 (imported from old blog)

This week has predominantly been spent working on the key element of the signs: the Bible verse text. I started off doing the lettering by hand...which took over an hour...and so isn't really an ideal method when there are so many signs to make! With that in mind, I started looking into emulsion transfer. This seems to have worked quite well on the test pieces, and will hopefully allow the signs to keep that handwritten feel (without the perfectionist in me tearing her hair out when a line ends up being a bit too wibbly!).

I have also
been seeking out the ribbon that will make a bow at the top of each sign. I'm hoping I have found the perfect colours to co-ordinate with the other pieces, although; when you've been staring at 50 million shelves of different ribbons for a while, it feels as though your eyes and your judgement start to go a little funny!


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