Tuesday, 10 May 2011

10th May 2011 (imported from old blog)

The final two designs (that I have been taking ages to get finished) are finally ready to buy from my Folksy Store. They seem to be going down rather well at church, and I am hoping this is because people genuinely like them (as opposed to just buying them out of loyalty!). Now I can focus on trying to get them seen in all the right places...which will probably be more difficult than I first predicted...seeing as they're not something that people seem to be actively searching for on the internet. Books and CD's appear to be doing alright, whereas there isn't much of a market for Christian gifty-type things. In related news: I was quite excited to find out that Manchester's Wesley Owens has been replaced by another Christian bookshop called Living Oasis, as I had spent much of the last year moaning about its disappearance.

So, anyway, I'm also working on a wedding-related sign, and another child-related one, before I start thinking about non-sign-related things. As usual, I must thank you for reading, and ask you to watch this space.


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